In a way we’ve felt a sense of urgency in setting up the website (, and this blog.    The reason for the website is easier to see in some ways – its a shared space for people to go and remember Kiran, but what about the blog ?

As we approach the one year anniversary of Kiran’s death we are feeling the momentum of change, in our lives and in the lives of those who surround us. Most people have been kind and understanding over the course of the last year. But there is a sense of everyone else moving on, and the expectation that we might do so as well.

However, we are acutely aware that one does not ever move on from being a mommy or daddy.  Whatever else happens, we will always be Kiran’s parents. He will always be with us.  He will always be a favorite topic of conversation and our motivation for living a good life.  His pictures will always be up in our house.  We will never stop talking about him and welcome anyone to talk about him with us.  You see, it isn’t possible to “remind” us of his death.  His absence is felt every second of every day and will remain that way until we die.

We are not the Trish and Sekhar you knew before Kiran’s death.  We never will be.  We are still learning how to think about the future and make plans.  We are hopeful for a future which includes the memory of Kiran in all we do.