When Kiran died I knew that it was the worst thing that could happen to us. I knew that there was nothing that would ever compare. I naively thought that nothing could rattle me after his death. Of course bad things have happened since and probably will happen in the future. I was wrong that they wouldn’t impact me. I think in some ways my sensitivity might be higher. Sekhar didn’t just get hit by a car, Sekhar got hit by a car and Kiran is dead. I don’t just have a cold, I have a cold and my son is dead (no, not always but sometimes).

So you can imagine the reaction when I try to e-file our tax return only to find it is rejected because someone else has already filed using our dependent’s social security number. Seriously? Some piece of crap out there has used Kiran’s social security number on their tax return? Have they opened credit cards? earned wages?

So, for all of you financial services people out there…yes, I have read the tax laws and yes, I contacted the IRS (it could even be as simple as a typo, keep your fingers crossed). I have an action plan, but that isn’t the point of this post.

Had this happened before he died, it would seem bad. But now I am totally shocked at the audacity of some people. I am really angry that I have to take all these steps to clean it up, and I don’t even know how bad it could be at this point…and Kiran is still dead!