Well, this year was better than last year. Sekhar’s b-day is always close by so it adds an element of difficulty to this period of time. Last year we just pretended that his b-day and mother’s day didn’t exist. We simply ignored it. It didn’t really work. It was awful.

This year I want to give thanks to my own mom. You’d think I would be a better daughter after losing my own child. But, no. I am no great prize. My mom gets the full brunt of my emotions, and she still calls the next day to make sure I am ok. It is important to recognize Kiran’s death hasn’t only changed mine and Sekhar’s lives.

I also want to take a moment to be thankful that I had the great luck to be Kiran’s mom, albeit short. I like to think he picked us to be his parents. I have said it before, but it bears saying again, I am a better person for having known him. When I think something is difficult I remember the openness and perseverance of my boy. He was a gift.