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I Remember…

  • the space between your big toe and it’s neighbors
  • how you loved your piggy
  • that you knew it was 9 stops on the train to MIT
  • your favorite book was Dear Mr. Blueberry
  • your favorite color was blue
  • how you adored your cousins
  • that if you were eating then Thatha had to be walking
  • how you would help me move the wet laundry from the washer to the dryer, one piece at a time
  • you loved your binky when you were a baby
  • you would sign “nice to meet you” to new people
  • you loved to dance to the rhythm of the washing machine
  • how excited you would get when Russ came with his automated hand truck to deliver your oxygen, then we would role play in the house for days delivering our own oxygen (water bottles) on your tricycle
  • that you knew the directions to school and would tell the driver all the correct turns to make
  • you had the softest hair
  • I would have to sing songs which named all your friends from school, in the same order everytime
  • Mom, dad, Kiran, Kathy go elevator, elevator, elevator, elevator, elevator aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
  • you needed to know everyone’s name
  • that you asked about Kathy’s husband Frank at the end of every day you spent with her
  • you liked to lick pickles
  • how brave you were at all your doctor’s appts
  • you would sign “I love you” to everyone, even new people
  • we would sit and wait for dad every night in the big window, and when he would come up the stairs you would tell him to hurry and wash his hands so he could play with you
  • you would have me read My Baby Brother is a Little Monster over and over…and I would secretly hope one day you would have a baby brother
  • you loved going to the train station to count how many trains we saw so we could report to dad, typically you would report seeing 10 trains no matter how many we really counted
  • you loved playing with your farm, you had well fed animals
  • how stubborn you were
  • in the morning you would cuddle with daddy and at night you would cuddle with mama
  • that you were the center of my life and always will be

A Bench for Our Boy

Next time you are in the vicinity of Newton Center, please take a moment to stop by and visit the memorial bench that overlooks the playground.